Famous Roulette Exploits

Roulette has a long history of famous players and famous exploits. For most players, the game of roulette typically offers only modest returns, but players can reap significant rewards by making risky bets and getting very lucky on a few numbers. The payouts on straight bets, for example, are 35 to 1. For some players, the odds just worked out in their favour and the money poured in. Here are a few of the most well-known stories describing their huge wins.

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In 1873, Joseph Jagger famously won over £65,000 at the Monte Carlo casino. Jagger, who came to be known as “the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo,” studied the outcomes on the roulette wheels at the casino. He had a suspicion that not every roulette wheel could be mechanically perfect. By tracking the results, he discovered that one wheel frequently produced a set of nine numbers. Jagger then used this information to win huge sums of money at the casino. His exploits are equal to over £3million today.

Some gamblers risk everything for a chance to win. In 2004, a British man sold everything he had to bet on a game of roulette. Ashley Revell sold all his belongings and amassed a sum of £135,300. He took that money and bet it all on a single game of roulette in Las Vegas. Revell bet on red, and the wager paid off. He won the bet and doubled his money to the tune of £270,600. Although he could have pressed his luck, Revell knew when to stop. He gave the dealer a $600 tip and left the casino immediately.

Philip Green, a British businessman, won huge sums of money playing at London’s Les Ambassadeurs in Mayfair. In a single night, he won more than £3,000,000 by making only a few bets. Green is known to be a very risky gambler. His strategy was to use a combination of outside bets and straight bets on particular numbers.

Famous roulette bets also extend to the movie screen and other fictional accounts. Roulette wins have figured in the classic 1942 film Casablanca. In one scene, Rick helps a couple to win money on his rigged roulette wheel by telling them which number to bet. On the first spin, they bet 22 as he suggests. Again, Rick tells the man to bet 22. When they win again, he informs them that it is best to walk away with their money.

In popular culture, baccarat is known as the favourite game of James Bond. However, Sean Connery is also known to have won massively in a game of roulette. In 1963, Connery bet on the number 17 five times. Although he lost the first two bets, he won the third bet and placed his bet on the number 17 again. Incredibly, the roulette wheel landed on 17 again. Connery risked his money again, putting his cash on 17. Again, the wheel landed on 17, and Connery won a total of £27,000.

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